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Web Design Portfolio

A selection from our web design portfolio.

OTA The Koomar Center

OTA The Koomar Center have been a WordPress maintenance client for a few years, and their custom theme from 2015 (and a previous designer) was no longer compatible with newer software, and a redesign of 70+ pages was necessary. This site had a tremendous amount of information to update during the redesign, including sensitive documents and forms and took a while to accomplish with multiple revisions with the OTA team.

They wanted a clean menu system, so we created a navigation menu with an overlapping logo, providing plenty of space on desktop for their menu items. From there, we implemented a similar structure and design from their old template on the latest version of Divi. Each page was redesigned so it would be easy for the OTA team to update, and was clear and accessible for all visitors to their site.

We refreshed the old design with diverse and recent photos to align with the values of OTA The Koomar Center.  The sign-up process was found to be clumsy and not as effective as it could be, so in the redesign we streamlined the process for end users so they would land on the appropriate sign-up form and see all relevant insurance information before doing so.

SEO tags and elements were added to the backend to ensure they were performing well in search engines. Colors, fonts, and media were all updated to match the OTA brand and to bring them into the new year with a clean, new site. Contact us if you’d like one of your own!

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

Michael Moore of O’Doherty Moore Fine Furniture Design initially signed up for WordPress maintenance on their eCommerce WordPress website. After a few months of maintenance work, Michael approached kaleidaweb with needs to redesign his site, with an emphasis on speed and clarity. We decided to design a new site for ODM using their current site copy and imported his WooCommerce store. Once the design was underway Michael made a few editorial changes and gave design feedback through inVision as we worked through the redesign.

His new site now has an interactive header with video and dynamic display features to show important store content. The most recent product shown on the page is easily set in the backend and pulls the info from the product automatically and places it in a prominent location on the landing page. All Michael has to do is add the new product or update an older product’s publish date so it appears first in his list of products. No editing or coding is required to easily update his site, and Michael routinely updates products and basic copy as he sees fit.  Being on a Maintenance plan, he also has the option to send kaleidaweb an email with web updates, but after watching his custom instruction video (made by Dani) he is confident to perform basic updates himself.

The new design uses colors already established in his logo, and the same fonts and font styles are applied througout the site in headings and design elements. Colors and features are cleanly and sparingly used to showcase the product and Michael’s professional woodworking skills.

On the landing page we included a widget that automatically displays the latest instagram post, and a blog widget pulling in the latest two posts. Please give O’Doherty Moore a visit to check out the site design!

Mann Sales & Marketing
Mann Sales & Marketing

Mann Sales & Marketing have been a WordPress maintenance client for a few years, and their custom theme from 2013 and a previous designer was no longer compatible with the most recent versions of WordPress and the plugins they were using, therefeore, a redesign was in order. In 2021 we recreated the Mann Sales & Marketing website on Divi theme, keeping the layout and overall look and feel as consistent as we could. They have great success with their website and wanted to make Divi look as close to their previous design as possible.

After assessing their plugin use, we found we could clean up and consolidate plugins in the redesign, making the site faster and easier to update. The contact form software was outdated so we used a form with Divi to match the design of the site. The previous forms had a watermark showing from a 3rd party plugin and didn’t match their professional site.

Additional SEO measures were made, ensuring proper keywords and tags were used throughout the site so potential clients and customers could find their site easier in search engines. Social Media links are present on each page, and all their documentation is appropriately displayed. Photos were reused and updated if necessary to complete the redesign found on mannsalesmarketing.com.

The Hard Screen

Starting from scratch on WordPress I designed a lively landing page for The Hard Screen with links to archives of all her content and podcasts. Tamryn gave me a color palette she liked and from those colors and some basketball elements, a logo, a podcast cover (with a cartoon Tam featuring her signature purple lip paint), all the web features were designed.

New podcasts and posts are pulled in from Patreon, and are easily editable in the backend in WordPress on THS. Podcasts are embedded via Spotify widget and the Divi media element, so folks can listen to pods on the site, or browse to any of the other streaming services offered through Anchor.fm.

The newsletter is hooked up to Mailchimp and Patreon so folks who sign up for either will be subscribed accordingly. An embedded video element was added behind the Subscriber Exclusives section to add subtle motion to the page. Tweets are embedded on the site and links to all the podcast platforms are peppered throughout. Learn more about all the features of the The Hard Screen!

Literacy Partners WordPress Web Design

Literacy Partners WordPress Web Design

Professional development firm site design.

Literacy Partners, an organization that provides state of the art professional development in literacy for educators in southern California, desired a new website, brand and vibe for the new decade. They came to me to put it all together. I was presented with a new style guide, a logo, and excellent copy. In addition to their fantastic photo shoot and all the new brand features, in two months, I was able to create a lively and modern site that tells the story about Literacy Partners on the web.

The new site was built on WordPress using a custom Divi 4 theme by Elegent Themes. We revamped with Event Calendar software that hooks into the powerful Eventbrite booking system. The site is connected to Drip CRM for data and marketing automation to build personalized marketing experiences, drive meaningful engagement, and earn long-term customer loyalty. There’s a newsletter signup at the bottom of each page that’s triggered after 20 seconds and hidden to current subscribers.

Learn more about all the features of the new Literacy Partners site and check out the before & after!

Blue Sun Campervans

Logo Design

Campervan rental startup.

The Blue Sun Campervans website launched in January of 2020. This WordPress site features a new design and brand launching along with their first custom-built van. This is a first for New England, bringing the luxury camping experience to the region. They had one “meet the van” session at a coffee shop immediately after the site launch and a lovely couple immediately reserved the van for 3 months to criss-cross the country.

Visitors can learn about the vans, see photos, connect to the Blue Sun Instagram account easily, and book on Outdoorsy using their booking system.

WooCommerce is ready for products duing the 2nd phase of the launch later in 2021 with the launch of their second campervan in the fleet.

Lesson sharing hub powered by user submissions.

My Art Lesson

My Art Lesson

My Art Lesson is the most custom website I’ve ever designed. Maureen and the team came to me with a bunch of mocks that look exactly like the current site does, and I made it happen.

This site is a user-submitted collection of art lessons for middle school through high school students. Teachers can create an account, upload lessons, save favorite lessons, and manage their listings in the backend.

The pages are moderated by the My Art Lesson team and all lessons can be turned on or off on the homepage and sections throughout the site.

My Art Lesson is powered by WordPress, Formidable Forms, Flow Flow social module, and Ajax search engine plugins.

Online portal for global teaching exhibit in Boston.

The Wonder of Learning Boston, 2018 exhibit was at Wheelock College / Boston University the summer/fall of 2018 and I’m so proud to have worked on the website design and maintenance for the past two years since it’s inception.

Launched in 2017, the new 2018 design refresh now features a Press blog, custom Google Maps, rotating landing page Hero that pulls important posts, a calendar using Event Calendar Pro/EventBrite software, social media plugins, improved SEO and much more.

After a logo consultation the team decided to go with a teal-based scheme to pair with the original Wonder of Learning signature orange. This was applied to the new logo and throughout the site. 

Their website is ready for the Wonder of Learning to open it’s doors to Boston in June! Give them a follow and be sure to check out the exhibit this summer & fall. More info: https://kaleidaweb.com/wonder-of-learning-boston/

Power landing page for wholesale lighting company.

Launched a power landing page web design for North East Lighting. The client had a logo and color scheme they wanted to use and only desired a simple one-page site, so I created a clean three-button landing page to showcase their work in an accessible, classy format.

The visitor can jump to each section of the site and back up again using the buttons available. It was important to feature manufacturers and have important contact info available so I added a contact form at the end for quick inquiries. Take a look: neltg.com

Personal & Business coaching microsite with interactive Typeform communicaiton forms.

JenniferRappo.com has evolved in the last two years as her business has grown. She prefers a very simple site that has a brief landing page to set the tone of her business, helping folks step out and achieve their goals, especially in speaking/performing experiences.

From the landing page the visitor is filtered into the appropriate location to contact JR, either via a Typeform new client form that is stepped and has the visitor click through the form, establishing a relationship with the client, or her simple contact form for general questions.  The intro video is 4k and responsive.

Her site connects to ConvertKit for marketing purposes and can feature EventBrite events quickly and easily. 


Restaurant chain site design with online ordering portal.

RICE Kitchen restaurant chain WordPress redesign. They came to me with a small tile homepage that wasn’t on-brand and didn’t include social media or dynamic content. They received a responsive comprehensive landing page that branches out to individual sub-pages, directions or online ordering where appropriate for their growing and successful business.

I also updated their old dark theme to their new lighter brand. Other new updates include installation and configuration of a few social media elements, a custom Google Map showing store locations, SEO tweaks we’re tracking, and new call-to-action buttons. They also signed up for a Maintenance Plan to keep their WordPress website up-to-date and secure.

New Life Upholstery

Small mom & pop business site design.

New Life Upholstery was one of my first clients and they recently needed to upgrade an old design from HTML to a full robust WordPress website to better maintain security and for their mobile visitors. The old site was designed without a mobile theme well over 10 years ago. The new design stays true to the old site while maintaining their theme and online brand.

I incorporated new features including a custom accordion for the homepage, and SEO software on the back-end to help target their customers and perform well in the search engines. Check out the new design at: newlifeupholstery.com

International Study Tours

Interactive brochure-style site design with registration forms.

The International Study Tours site launched a two years ago with an enhanced landing page plus registration. In the last year, after the success from the Study Tour featured on the website, founder Angela Ferrario has expanded to include three new Study Tours for 2019 and a full website with 3 enhanced landing pages featuring photography. Registration forms connected to PayPal were coded for each group. Folks can sign up and send a deposit using the same form quickly. Image overlay features were added to the homepage.

This site includes dynamic elements including video, animated gifs, PDFs and much more. Angela wanted it so her visitor could feel and experience each location in Italy as if they were looking at an elaborate travel brochure.

Local butcher shop site design with online ordering portal.

The Corner Butcher Shop of Beverly, MA project is the result of a complete WordPress redesign. It is a responsive, mobile-first, modular design using Divi framework. Melinda wanted a modern yet vintage vibe to the site, so I incorporated an old-time feel with meat cutouts to the design.

I also took inspiration from their chalkboard to bring the brick & mortar shop “look and feel” to their online shop.  Her goal was to recreate the vibrant experience in the shop, so upon visiting the site there is a hero panorama of the store with all the necessary contact info and clickable phone/directions.

Melinda is always on social media for The Corner Butcher Shop, so I designed the site where 75% of the photos on the site are are pulled from her latest posts using Instagram hashtags. If Melinda tags a photo #meats, it populates the photo gallery on the Meats page, and so on throughout the entire site. If you like this style, please let me know!  It’s a very easy way to keep your site fresh and up-to-date without doing a lot of extra work. Just add a hashtag!

shanti bodywork

Theraputical massage studio site design.

Sarah Haase at Shanti Bodywork has been a client (and a friend) for many years. Her first web site by me was on the Joomla CMS system and as her business grew, her web needs grew. After two redesigns, we decided to move to the more secure and flexible WordPress system. Her most recent design features her rug as part of the design and has colors and a vibe to match her studio in Beverly, MA. Check out her site at shantibodywork.com.


Online regulatory filings startup site design.

FilingMate of Boston, MA project is a brand-new startup on WordPress. It is a responsive, mobile-first, design that incorporates video and a font consistent with the logo. They wanted to keep the color orange running through the design while highlighting the features of the service.

Scott and his team blog current events and podcasts, and there is a hookup to the customer login. All elements of the website except the logo were part of the brand consultation. It’s a clean and fast design that doesn’t waste the visitor’s time.

Newtowne School WordPress Web Design

Preschool site design with calendar, individual class blogs and parent portal.

The Newtowne School in Cambridge, MA needed a WordPress site that had a separate blog for each classroom. The result was a network of 8 WordPress installations interconnected in one hub. This hub included a public portion for all to see, and a private portion for only parents or family members to see. The classrooms could easily blog and each classroom had a distinct, yet maintained a similar look-and-feel throughout the site. Integrated in the site was a calendar feature of events and special dates that the Director updated as needed.


Blog site design to pair with Cengage Learning Microsoft Office 365 + Windows 10 textbook launches.

The Cengage Office & Windows Blog has been live since 2015. Cengage Learning uses this blog to pair with their Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Windows 10 titles. Each book that is published is shipped with this blog for reference and the successful blog averages thousands of hits a month. Cengage Learning wanted a simple blog that matches the color and style used by Microsoft for their popular computing programs and applications.  In addition to the design, I also provide all the site maintenance, updates and hosting for the successful blog.

iPhone 5

Local plumber small business site design.

The Arch Plumbing & Heating site design is a hybrid desktop/mobile experience on WordPress. It features easy access contact options with a modern design that looks good on all devices.  Be sure to check it out at archplumbingandheating.info on your mobile device for the full experience.