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Sales Page Template on Divi

Post by Dani

On March 31, 2022
Preview of a Sales Page Template #WebDesign for Sheila Devi on Divi. This template includes sections she can easily update or remove for landing pages on her #WordPress site. We utilized her current style + she saved signing up for a Maintenance plan!

Divi Template Design

Currently working on design elements for a new Sales Page Template for Sheila Devi. She wanted new sections she could easily update or remove for upcoming landing pages on her WordPress website. Lorem Ipsum generator was used for placeholder text with sections clearly labelled for easy update.

Sheila Devi’s website is powered by Divi Theme by Elegant Themes and is also currently on a Essential Maintenance Plan with kaleidaweb design + maintenance.

Please give Sheila a visit at https://sheiladevi.com.

Check out the template on desktop.