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A SEO Conversation

Post by Dani

On January 6, 2015
This afternoon, I was talking to a client and she mentioned she recently received a random phone call solicitation regarding her web site. The person on the other end tried to convince Sheila that New Life Upholstery wasn’t listed in search engines, specifically Google.com, when “upholstery foxboro” terms are used. Soliciting for money and promising a ranking on Google, the woman talked a big game about results. Sheila got off the phone call without signing up for her services. Why?

She has been #1 on Google for years.

Currently newlifeupholstery.com (a repeat web customer since 2004) is ranked #1 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for all her targeted keywords. Local, Web, Yelp, and Facebook page results are all on the first page. I’m glad she called me. It allowed me to check in with Sheila, the state of New Life Upholstery, and answer a few questions.

One question she had is a common one, “What makes good SEO?”

  1. Broad and Targeted Keywords
  2. Research and Knowledge of the Target Audience
  3. Clean and Precise Tags

I make sure all my clients are properly tagged and placing well in search engines.  Want to learn more? Get in touch with any questions!

Below are her results. Spoiler alert. They are good.