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WordPress is the best CMS platform.

Post by Dani

On July 27, 2015
If you’re looking to create a new website or redesign an existing one, WordPress is the best CMS platform you could use. Guess what? I’m a pro at developing clean, responsive, modern, and stylish WordPress websites. Read on to learn more and contact me when you’re ready to get started!

WordPress is known as an open-source Content Management System (CMS). Open source simply means that it’s free and supported by thousands of developers who continue to improve upon it. It’s also by far the most popular website platform in use today. Over 9 million websites were built with WordPress and 3 million of them are the most popular and most visited sites in the world. Some popular companies who use WordPress: CNN, Martha Stewart, Vogue, People, Quartz, MIT, Glad…

Allow me to convince you that WordPress is the best platform for your website:

1. It’s Simple.
WordPress is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Almost all web servers support WordPress and my servers are optimized for WordPress. If you can do basic edits to a Microsoft Word document, once your site is completed, you already have the skills already to edit pages and content as needed.

2. Multimedia Options.
Engage your visitors with relevant photos, graphics, podcasts, maps, and videos. All of these are easy to manage, import, and use, thanks to WordPress’s extensive and impressive Media Library.

3. Theme Customization.
The theme is the overall look of the site. It’s the colors, the layout of all the different sections, and the navigation that takes you around the site. Whatever the purpose or mood of your site, we can make it happen in WordPress.

4. Plugins Galore!
WordPress has an amazing amount of functionality right out of the box. If you have more specific needs, the expansive open-source developer community, which I’m a part of, has you covered. Plugins install and work with your existing site, and help make your site more functional for your users. There are thousands of plugins that can provide all the advanced programming you need. Most are free, or have basic functionality free of charge. Typically, if a plugin is used on a commercial or business website, it’s good to support the community and purchase the plugin. They normally range from $5-$75 for unlimited use, developer support, and lifetime updates.

5. In Control.
It’s your website and you decide how people interact with it. WordPress has a fully-functional user registration section which allows your visitors to maintain their own profiles on your site. You control what level of access users have, by group or the individual. You can even disable the whole registration system if you choose not to use it at all. Spam controls come standard with WordPress to keep out unwanted attention.

6. Powerful Blogging Engine.
WordPress started as a blogging platform. Although it’s grown far beyond that to a fully-functional website platform, it hasn’t forgotten its roots. Your website is only going to survive if the content on it is fresh and relevant. The blogging engine built into WordPress allows you to effortlessly update your company’s blog so that your clients or customers are always kept in the loop.

7. Excellent SEO.
A website is only relevant if it can be found by your target audience. The higher your site ranks when someone searches for it, the more likely it will be read. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), involves properly coding your website so that search engines like Google and Bing will find it easier, and rank it higher. The code generated by WordPress has been engineered to give you the best SEO possible. Matt Cutts, the senior search engineer at Google, has even mentioned WordPress specifically as being capable of ranking higher in search results.

WordPress is a powerful website platform that is made to be as easy as possible to use. If your current site is difficult to update by yourself or you’re not getting the level of interaction from your visitors, you may want to consider WordPress for your company’s redesign.  Interested in learning more or signing up for services? Contact me!