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I provide accurate, error-free and complete work.

Technical editing

As a Technical Editor, I not only check for inconsistencies and factual errors in the technical content of a book, I also provide insight and help the authors tweak their lessons and text. I have a unique position of having worked with many different authors through the years and can quickly identify their style and help with any queries. Sometimes, it’s as simple as confirming keyboard shortcuts for obscure Photoshop tools and other times a lesson may be riddled with errors and in need of an “eagle eye” to pinpoint where it went wrong.

Authors have all different kinds of backgrounds, some are professors while others are professionals in the industry. To the right are a collection of higher-education titles I have been worked on recently for Course Technology, a division of Cengage Learning.


My job ensures a high-quality product.

My career as a Tech Editor, although primarily behind the scenes and not exactly glamorous, gives me a good feeling at the end of the day. I’m happy that the product/book that I worked diligently on (one that will be required for classes in colleges and universities across the country) will help others learn about the industry I am so passionate about. These books, because of the work of a Tech Editor with the team, will be more accurate and more complete than they would have without my help. I’m thankful they help me too. I learn everyday.  I’m also available for hire, freelance or contract.


Sometimes, I make it in the book credits.


I’ve provided technical editing and quality assurance (QA) for hundreds of Practice Labs activities from all different Windows, Server, and Linux environments for Cengage Learning. A sampling of my latest work includes the following:

  • Sasha Vodnik’s JavaScript 6th ed.
  • Shelly Cashman Dreamweaver CC Comprehensive
  • Shelly Cashman Photoshop CC Comprehensive
  • Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations
  • New Perspectives on XML 3rd ed.
  • Joyce Farrell’s Java 8th ed.
  • Android Boot Camp for Developers using Java
  • Microsoft Windows 10, Illustrated Complete
  • Succeeding in Business with MS Excel 2016: A Problem-Solving Approach
  • New Perspectives on Office 2018, Comprehensive
  • Shelly Cashman Microsoft Office 2018
  • Windows Server 2016 (740, 741, 742)
  • Hands-On Information Security
  • Discovering Computers 2018