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Trends for 2022: Conservation, Accessibility, and Individualism at the Forefront of Font Design

Post by Evan Cooper

On November 26, 2021
As the year comes to a close, kaleidaweb is looking ahead to 2022 and highlighting the design trends we expect to see flourish in the New Year. First up, we take a look at trends in fonts!

For better or worse, 2021 presented a chaotic array of design trends.

According to Looka, this year’s diverse trends were “an explosion of movement and character, juxtaposed with a growing need for certainty and solidity.” From the uptick in Expressive Sans Serif to Juana, the “new serif in town,” this burst in creativity has set the tone for an explosive 2022! 

CreativeBoom predicts that in 2022 we can expect to see more rounded sans serif fonts. The benefit of these fonts is that they improve legibility and place accessibility at the forefront of technology and design.

Glyphs is a popular example of a rounded sans serif font that is easy to read for people with vision impairments, as with members of our aging population or people who use visual aids.

Additional rounded sans serif fonts to try are Bison, FS Me, and Boke!.

Glyphs font

Next up, concern for the environment will impact the ways various industries operate. And design is no different.

Echo font

The way creatives think will reflect a shift in priorities in a major way, such as being more mindful of resources. We can expect to see an increase in fonts that creatively conserve ink, similar to Ryman’s Eco font. 

Ryman’s Eco and other environmentally conscious fonts utilize white space and thinner lines to preserve ink in the production process without sacrificing the integrity of the design and size. Designed by Debbie Vayanos and Dan Rhatigan, learn more and download for free at

Other eco-friendly fonts include Ecofont Sans, Courier, and Century Gothic.

Finally, in order to create the most powerful messages and stand out to users and consumers, designers will flock to the custom font.

The technology now exists to make the process easier for designs to really make their mark. For example, Plenty is an indoor vertical farming brand that uses a crisp custom font to reflect wholesome and organic values representative of the simple and clean experience it provides.

For a unique personal touch, handwriting and calligraphy fonts can be easily created using Calligraphr. This will give your branding a look all its own.

In 2022 and beyond, kaleidaweb can connect clients to fonts that will help their website branding dreams come true or refresh an existing site to keep pace with the competition. 

To learn more about 2022’s trends in fonts, visit CreativeBoom.

And contact kaleidaweb to inquire about a discounted design or redesign in 2022! 

Plenty font