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Blue Sun Campervans

Post by Dani

On January 6, 2020
Custom Blue Sun Campervans WordPress web design on Divi is finished. This site has a modern look and feel, mobile menu on desktop, photo galleries, integrated with Instagram, hooks up to Outdoorsy for booking.
The Blue Sun Campervans WordPress custom design has been in the works a few months and has finally wrapped up the first phase for launch. It features a new Blue Sun brand and will launch along with their first custom-built van.

They sent a design of a logo they liked but it wasn’t quite perfect. I cleaned the colors, fixed the sun, and converted to a SVG for use on their branding materials such as their flagship campervan and upcoming swag that will be sold in their online WooCommerce store. Phase two will be launched later this year with their second van.

The van driving on to the page animation was a hit with the Blue Sun team. Recent photos from social media (Instagram) are automatically featured on the site. The rest of the page branding has been done in collaboration through three different design rounds on inVision.

I received the external booking info from Outdoorsy and hooked that connection up to their booking buttons. Here’s a look at the design found at bluesuncampervans.com.

Personalized instruction videos

Once a client site launches, we make a few instructional videos for the team to use to edit their page content if desired. Blue Sun Campervans are on the Essential Maintenance plan, so they have 2 free hours of maintenance work a month, they don’t need to make any edits, but if they want to make a quick change, here’s how.

Divi theme also has help videos built into their theme builder so there’s always an official help video wherever they’re at editing.