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Corner Butcher Shop Launch

Post by Dani

On October 16, 2017
Melinda & Frank also signed up for a Maintenance plan to keep their investment up-to-date, safe, and secure.

Recently finished up a refresh of The Corner Butcher Shop Beverly, MA WordPress website. A few components were outdated including a theme, so we took this opportunity to do a redesign on Divi. I added to the design a new integration with Instagram. Now, whatever Melinda posts to social media on Instagram, those photos will be added to her site on the appropriate page using hashtag.

For example, if she posts a photo of ribeye on Instagram www.instagram.com/thecornerbutchershop and uses the hashtag #meat, it will now populate the Meats page at www.cornerbutchershopbeverly.com/meats. This cuts down on having to manually update the site and keeps it current using her strong social media chops. (see what I did there?)





There are a few other neat features including short GIFs used on three pages. I also refreshed some of the blurb images used to give it more of a vintage chalkboard overall vibe. The black background allows for Melinda’s photography of their product to “pop”.

Lastly, I went with a new chalkboard font Cabin Sketch found on Google Fonts to pull the design together. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Cabin+Sketch

Check it out at www.cornerbutchershopbeverly.com