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How to clear your Browser Cache

Post by Dani

On March 22, 2022
A cache is a special storage space for temp files that makes your device run faster and more smoothly. After opening a website, a cache saves files, images, and other relevant data on your device. Cached data is then used to quickly load the site for every subsequent visit, however you need to clear it often for most recent data or page changes. This guide will help.

Not seeing changes?

Here’s why.


Your browser will cache items such as: cookies, text/auth boxes, IP Addresses, and permalinks. Your browser cache generally respects the cache-control headers sent back with the request from the web server.

For example, if someone requests the “Our Team” page on your site and it has a cache-control time of 20 minutes/1000 seconds, the page is not only cached on your server, it’s also cached in your browser for that time.

Static files have longer expiration times (images, videos, css, etc) and your browser will cache them for the time specified by the server when sending the request back. 

Here’s how to clear the cache on your browser: