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WordPress Maintenance Sale

Post by Tamryn Spruill

On March 2, 2022
Save on WordPress Maintenance plans! Sign up and get: 3 months of free maintenance with any new design or redesign OR 2 months of free maintenance for any new or existing client.

WordPress Maintenance Sale!

“Imagine that your software is a pair of pants,” wrote Tatum Hunter in a Washington Post article. “Vulnerabilities in that software are like holes in the pants. The longer you ignore updates, the longer you walk around with holes in your pants — and not in a cool way.”

Cyber warfare is real. And just as you would protect yourself and your brick-and-mortar business from attack, you should take measures to secure your website from threats hackers pose. 

Outdated plugins can compromise software and give bad actors the access they need to wreak havoc. To protect your site, make sure it is backed up and protected by professionals.

At kaleidaweb, we are extending our WordPress Maintenance Sale so that more people who need it can benefit from these services. 

kaleidaweb has stayed apace with the best practices, trends, and innovations in website design and maintenance since 1998. That means we’re equipped with the tools and resources to help you defend your work against these threats.

An engaging and well-functioning website is the crux of your business. Whether online or connected to a brick-and-mortar store, it is your calling card. Do your best to protect it. If something does go wrong, kaleidaweb can fix it and will have a backup of your site to reduce any down time. 

How bad can software vulnerabilities really be?

They can be, and are, very bad because bad actors around the world are on the hunt for software to break into and data to mine. According to cyber-security expert Sophos’ Wisniewski, “Literally every single update to Google Chrome, every single update to Windows, has things that were known to already be used by attackers.”

In other words, by the time you’re presented with an update, hackers have already struck. The update was created in response to the vulnerabilities their break-in exposed.

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WooCommerce and WordPress Maintenance

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Our Essential Maintenance Plan is our most popular plan. This plan is tailored for small businesses, contractors, schools, non-profits, and organizations. You will receive a detailed report emailed weekly with your data while enjoying peace-of-mind that your website is safe, secure and performing.

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kaleidaweb is here to give you an online presence that will help you to:

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Most of all, kaleidaweb will allow you to focus on the products or services you are creating and selling. We’ll handle the other stuff. So, whether you have a site in need of a refresh to enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace, or if you want a new website for a new endeavor, kaleidaweb is here to help!

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