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Trends for 2022: We’re Feeling Parametric Patterns, Natural Elements, and Glass and Crystal Textures

Post by Evan Cooper

On December 21, 2021
As the year comes to a close, kaleidaweb is looking ahead to 2022 and highlighting the design trends we expect to see flourish in the New Year. We conclude this series with a peek into the textures!

Adventurous geometric designs can add flair to pastels, especially when paired with environmentally-friendly fonts like Ryman’s Eco. And natural elements, plus glass and crystal textures, can add a unique dimension to round out remarkable designs.


Here are the most captivating design trends in texture for 2022.

Parametric Patterns

99designs points designers in the direction of parametric patterns. Parametric patterns, consisting of intricate geometric patterns that are based on parametric equations, express clutter – noise.

Additionally, parametric patterns can use less ink, thus, making them more environmentally friendly. These patterns can complement an array of moods and fit most color trends.

BiltiliBlack’s design (above) has a considerable amount of white space, but simultaneously and seamlessly creates an eye-grabbing texture.

BiltiliBlack’s design (above) has a considerable amount of white space, but simultaneously and seamlessly creates an eye-grabbing texture.

Natural Elements

The ongoing pandemic and considerable time quarantined have prompted a return to simplicity for many. Whether it be the great migration of city dwellers leaving bustling coasts for more spacious environs or suburbs, or the daily walk to maintain sanity, this reconnection to nature is showing up in big ways in design.

According to sappi, celebrations of nature, specifically its diverse textures, will make their mark on design this year. The use of natural elements signifies unity and serenity. These themes have widely been in high demand and exponentially more effective with consumers as of late.

Holographic Effect

Glass and Crystal 

A step up from background blur, which took over graphic and user interface design in 2017 after the introduction of iOS7, The Designest expects to see a resurgence of sophisticated glass, crystal, and holographic textures. The mesmerizing effects of these designs enhance modern interpretations of futuristic design.

Glass and crystal textures using transparency, layering, and borders can create an intriguing visual design experience. For example, the glass holographic effect in the app tiles (left) creates depth and the refraction and distortion in “Scratched Textures” (right) establishes hierarchy.

Scratched Textures

In 2022 and beyond, kaleidaweb can connect clients to fonts, colors, and textures that will help their website branding dreams come true or refresh an existing site to keep pace with the competition. 

To learn more about 2022’s trends in textures, visit The Designest.

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