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Moving Forward Re-brand

Post by Dani

On December 6, 2016

I recently had the job of creating a new logo for our former Arlington for Hillary campaign group. We choose to re-brand to a new name “Moving Forward Arlington” and so it was then my task for a new look and design. I also only had a few hours to come up with something as Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey was holding a town hall event the next day and our group was hosting it in Arlington for 350+ residents. The event was heavily advertised, streamed on Facebook Live and trended locally on Twitter so it was important to have a new brand and message to showcase during this time. I got to work.

To start, Hillary Clinton’s signature logo was a H with an arrow pointing right for progress. I wanted to pay homage to her logo in our new brand, so I decided on a similar font Sharp Sans No1 ExtraBold for the “Moving Forward” portion, which is a branch from the “Stronger Together” tree. I used triangles in the O and D of “Forward” as a throwback to Hillary’s arrow. It also keeps with the literal theme of moving progress forward.


Learn all about Hillary’s typeface “Unity” here.


I wanted to give a personal feel to the word “Arlington” as it stands for our town and a group of grassroots volunteers and activists. I think I found the perfect fit with the handwritten style Cheddar Jack Regular font.

Nailing the perfect color scheme was important to me. It needed to be distinct from Hillary Clinton’s logo but feel familiar, so I decided on a Democratic bright blue shade for “Moving” using HEX #0072bc.  The word “Forward” had to stress togetherness and motion, so I choose a complimentary purple HEX #701297, a color typically used as a symbol of unity. (Also, it was worn by Hillary and Bill Clinton during her concession speech.)  The purple color is blended into the design of the official Twitter page.

Arlington for Hillary

Above is my end result and here’s my previous Arlington for Hillary logo to compare. I like the end result and have received positive feedback from the members! I think it pays homage to our core group, a group of local volunteers, phone bankers, activists and canvassers who worked tirelessly for the Hillary for America Campaign in Massachusetts and Maggie Hassan’s razor thin victory in New Hampshire in the 2016 Election.


Moving Forward Arlington is a new chapter of Democratic activism from our local Hillary Clinton coalition.


We work together with local Democratic leaders to continue to protect the progress we’ve made together and fight progressive values. Our local leaders, including Maura Healey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Representative Katherine Clark will be fighting on behalf of Massachusetts voters and this group will be with them with every step.

In addition to multiple logo creations for this group, I’ve been the Social Media Manager and strategist for their Twitter campaign (www.twitter.com/ForwardARL previously @ARL4Hillary) and now, their current and future Facebook campaigns. Check out a sample of the Twitter analytics reports and media creations I made for the campaign since I took over. I also created and maintain their WordPress website at: www.movingforwardarlington.org