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Spoutible. The new social network you should join.

Post by Dani

On March 13, 2023
We are excited to be part of Spoutible, a new social network built with equity, inclusion and safety as its pillars. Twitter is on life support; this is why Spoutible was created. We also believe it's why Spoutible has real potential to be great.

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Spoutible is the first alternative to Twitter that focuses on protecting its users and providing a safe environment for marginalized communities. It is also the only Black-owned social network. Founded by Christopher Bouzy and Bot Sentinel, Spoutible launched in January of 2023. While still in its beta stage and well before launch, Spoutible secured 150,000 pre-registrations. Today, the network is live, and its engineers are adding features and updates regularly.

Registrations are open for you to join. Claim your callsign (we’re @danishaw and @kaleidaweb) before Twitter tanks or someone else does. Engagement is soaring, and Bouzy and Bot Sentinel report that a Spoutible mobile app is in the works.

Spoutible Social Network


To understand how we got here, what’s happening at Twitter (and other social networks), and why Spoutible is worth giving a shot, read “How a social network falls apart” by Gita Jackson.

Gita concludes:

“In all of these cases — LiveJournal, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Something Awful — it’s the users who ultimately decide if the sites are viable. We are all just following a horde of posters as they find new places to post, looking for the places where posting feels safest and most plentiful. Twitter is already beginning its sad half-life as advertisers leave the platform and people look for the thing that will replace it, a problem that threatened Musk so much that he briefly banned links to competing social media platforms before reversing course. He knows as well as I do that a site doesn’t have to go offline to be dead.”

Spoutible’s existence is important because of their values, which echo our own. The network is against the spread of disinformation, bots and hatred; it aims to be a network where people can feel safe sharing information and connecting with others.

It’s Community Rules state:

Spoutible’s goal is to allow users to “spout off” in a safe, civil, and fun environment. Our rules and policies are designed to protect the community from harassment, threats, disinformation and platform manipulation.  Different perspectives and ideas are welcome on Spoutible, but harassment, threats, and intimidation are not.”

Spoutible Welcome page (March 2023)

Spoutible Welcome page (March 2023)

Early reviews…

For an excellent write-up on Spoutible from a beta tester, please check out the comprehensive medium post “Spoutible — A New Experience That Feels Familiar” in which Myron Clifton writes:

“Spoutible is also for social media users who want better security, fewer bots and trolls, and less targeted hate.

And because Mr. Bouzy is in charge, he has draped Spoutible with the same controls in his widely used and universally lauded Bot Sentinel program which provides numerous data that helps combat misinformation and disinformation.

Spoutible will thus be a platform that has safeguards against harmful conspiracy theories of that type that flooded Twitter in the lead up to the 2020 election and which contributed to covid denials and deaths.”

What is more, the platform will be a wall against all bots, including those that have long harassed Black people —especially Black women— and women in general, Jewish people, and lgbtqi+ communities.”

Myron succinctly concludes:

“Spoutible stands to be a game changer for Black social media users if it can meet its owner’s standards. And based on the history and success of Bot Sentinel, users can feel confident about the security and safety features.”

“If Spoutible can do what Bouzy predicts, and what his followers asked — he polled followers to crowdsource the name, features, functions, security rules, and more as he was building the people’s social media site, then social media will be changed for the good.”

Steve Marmel has hopes for Spoutible too, and offered “A Non-Technical Review of Spoutible“:

“I am making a point of figuring out which of these Twitter alternatives I want to park on and use the most. I’m looking for familiarity, all the best tools of Twitter, without the “Tools on twitter.” It’s vile, and I tire of the pale emperor.

So I’m looking for a good service that is run by someone with good intentions. And that’s what I think Spoutible is.

It has all the stuff i like on Twitter. Threads. Character limits. DMs (except they’re encrypted!) Trending topics.”

A quick look at Spoutible.

Here’s the kaleidaweb profile landing page (in dark mode):

kaleidaweb design + maintenance Spoutible Profile Page

Check out this spout thread with images and links:

Spoutible Spout and Thread kaleidaweb + cbouzy

Some of the features we love on Spoutible.


Encrypted private messages.

Editable spouts.

Quick verify process for legacy verified Twitter accounts.

Tamryn Spruill Verified on Spoutible

(Check out Tamryn’s verified page!)

Ability to delete spouts from users who blocked you.

Zero-tolerance for hate.

11.7 million visits …and spouting!

Spoutible Whale

Here’s how Spoutible’s February traffic numbers compare to other Twitter alternatives:

Spoutible February Numbers
Spoutible February comparison to other Twitter alternatives

Important final words

At kaleidaweb, we take pride in our roots and values and we are very excited to be part of a social network that is built with equity, inclusion and safety as pillars of its community. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Counter Social and others have historically been designed, developed, and controlled by white men. Any marginalized group or ally on these networks knows the consequences of this lopsided disparity, having received or witnessed hatred, harassment and abuse. Thus, Twitter, under new ownership, is on life support, which is ultimately why Spoutible was created. It is why we are championing Spoutible’s potential and early growth.

We have a recurring monthly donation to Spoutible + Bot Sentinel and we will additionally donate with each new WordPress web design or maintenance client moving forward. Join us in supporting @cbouzy: https://donorbox.org/bot-sentinel

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Spoutible Whale

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